Child Maintenance Service collection fees

For Child Maintenance Service clients with Collect & Pay cases, the Child Maintenance Service works out a child maintenance amount, collects it from the paying parent and then passes it on to the receiving parent.

• Paying parents will pay a 20% fee on top of each regular child maintenance payment.
• Receiving parents will have a 4% fee deducted from each regular child maintenance payment.

These ‘collection fees’ are in addition to the £20 application fee which is charged when the child maintenance application is first made.

How to avoid collection fees

You can avoid collection fees by using Direct Pay. With Direct Pay, the Child Maintenance Service works out a child maintenance amount and then parents arrange payment of that amount between themselves. A Direct Pay arrangement is still legally binding, and the Child Maintenance Service can step in if payments are not made.

Another way to avoid any fees or charges is to make a family-based arrangement – where you sort out child maintenance with your child’s other parent. A family-based arrangement isn’t legally binding, but many parents find it the most flexible way to support their children after separation as no one else needs to get involved and you both decide what’s best for your child.

Help with sorting out child maintenance

We know that reaching agreement with your child’s other parent can be hard – which is why Child Maintenance Options are here to help. Our tools, guides and information can help you have those difficult conversations, and our child maintenance calculator can give you a starting point for your negotiations. And, if you decide a family-based arrangement isn’t right for you, we can talk you through your other options too.

The Child Maintenance Service is completely free to use. So, visit our website or talk to us online or call us on 0800 988 0988 today.

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1 Response to Child Maintenance Service collection fees

  1. fraido says:

    Hi there,
    If the parent without care leaves the UK the Child Maintenance Service (and the Northern Ireland equivalent) are very slow telling you about reciprocal enforcement arrangements that exist across the world (if at all).

    This webpage breaks it down, and the info is all provided free of charge! I really hope it helps.


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