Are you a military family affected by relationship breakdown?

Are you living ‘on the patch’, perhaps a long way from the support that family members can provide? It’s Armed Forces Day tomorrow, so we thought we’d focus on military familes affected by relationship breakdown, and what support is available to them.

Facing separation is never easy and at times it can seem hard to know where to turn or what to do next, but there are many sources of support available to help you.

Contact your nearest HIVE (Army, Navy or RAF) for details of local arrangements and other sources of help such as:
• “The Guide to Help Service Families During Relationship Breakdown”
• Sources of support that best meet your needs, including mediation, counselling and reconciliation.
• Local Unit Welfare Team contacts who can help you regarding housing needs for those living in Service Families Accommodation (SFA). They can also help you to find support such as mediation, counselling or reconciliation where appropriate.
• Contact details for organisations such as SSAFA who can also provide a wide range of support, including temporary supported accommodation for separating service and ex-service families.

For help and support with wider separation issues not specific to military families, visit the Sorting Out Separation online service. You’ll find information, tools and videos on a wide range of topics such as legal matters, finances and homelessness. You can also create a personalised list of links to other organisations that could help you.

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