Do you know how you can save money on your child maintenance arrangement?

When you have children and separate from their other parent, having enough money to support them is probably one of your main concerns. Child maintenance can make a big difference. A Q&A from was posted last week, which tells you how you can save money AND still support your child financially.

Child maintenance is changing

In the past, parents could apply to the CSA, who worked out and collected child maintenance from the paying parent and passed it on to the receiving parent.   Times are changing though – the CSA no longer accepts new applications and the government has introduced the Child Maintenance Service as its replacement.

The Child Maintenance Service works differently to the CSA.  For a start, later this year there will be a fee of £20 for making an application. Both parents will also pay a fee if they choose to use the Collect & Pay service. have worked with DWP to answer questions posted by real parents.  This Q&A tells you how fees and charges will work, but more importantly how you can avoid them by making a family-based arrangement or choosing Direct Pay if you do apply to the Child Maintenance Service.

Talk to your ex now to avoid the charges

Family-based arrangements are where both parents work together and agree what should be included in the child maintenance arrangement between themselves – avoiding both the application fee and any collection charges.

Direct Pay is where the Child Maintenance Service works out how much child maintenance a paying parent must pay.  Both parents then agree between themselves how and when payments are made – avoiding the collection fees.

Read’s Q&A today and save yourself time and money in the future.

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