Guest blog from StepChange Debt Charity: Speak to your creditors

StepChange Debt Awareness Week - Logo(SmallVersion)

Today, in the fourth in our series of guest-blogs from Stepchange during Debt Awareness Week, they look at how you can sort things out with your creditors …

Step 4: Be confident when talking to your creditors

It can be nerve-wracking to contact a company you owe money to, but remember:

  • Credit companies are businesses not Gods
  • People who work in their collection departments are simply doing their job
  • You shouldn’t be forced to pay more than you can afford towards a debt

Armed with those three pieces of information you can contact the creditors with more confidence. Inform them that you know you owe them money and that you’ve fallen into arrears, but you’re taking steps to rectify it.

Ask them if they can temporarily freeze any interest or charges while you seek advice. Take a look at this article about what bills to pay first whilst you sort things out. Then move onto step 5!

Or if you’d prefer you can contact StepChange to chat to an advisor over the phone, have an online chat or request a call back.



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