Guest blog from StepChange Debt Charity: Take stock of your debts

StepChange Debt Awareness Week - Logo(SmallVersion)

In this third guest-blog from Stepchange, they take a look at how you can get a clearer view of your debts during Debt Awareness Week

Step 3: Tackle your debts

It’s human nature to put off things you don’t want to do. You might have a stack of unopened reminder letters, or you might have moved address and not informed your creditors.

Don’t beat yourself up about it; it’s in the past. But knowing now how much you owe now is crucial in sorting out the problem.

Looking at your credit file is the clearest way to take stock of your debts. Noddle offers access to your credit file free of charge. It will show who you owe money to, your balances and if you have any county court judgments (CCJs). Noddle is free but they’ll probably show you adverts for credit cards – it could go without saying, but ignore them!

Sometimes the credit search can’t locate you. If this is the case don’t panic, but instead, follow our next step.

Use the online debt advice tool StepChange Debt Remedy to help you.

Or if you’d prefer you can contact StepChange to chat to an advisor over the phone, have an online chat or request a call back.



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