Co-parenting uncovered

Here at Child Maintenance Options we talk a lot about co-parenting. But what do we mean?

Co-parenting is about putting aside your differences with your child’s other parent, and working together in the best interests of your child.

It’s about sharing information and listening to each other’s point of view. It’s about giving your child stability and letting them know both parents are there for them.

Ok, we know this is sometimes easier said than done. Co-parenting can be challenging, especially in the early stages of separation.

Here are a few tips that could make co-parenting a little easier:

1.      Tell them when things are happening – such as school sports day, or parents’ evening.  Be clear about what arrangements you’ve each made.

2.      Find the right time and place to talk.  Don’t have inappropriate conversations with the other parent in front of your child.  It’s not positive for children to see or hear their parents disagree – especially when it’s about them.

3.   Don’t ask your child to keep secrets or choose between either parent.

And finally …

4. Check out the Sorting out Separation web app – it will help you to:

  • Work out what areas you need help with
  • Find information about working together with your ex
  • Find other tools, services and expert organisations that can provide more specialist support

Would any of our readers like to share their experience with trying to co-parent?

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